Adidas ‘Lady’ Hooded Top

27th November 2007

Adidas Hooded 'Lady' Sweatshirt I don’t know what it is but stick a late 70’s/early 80’s girl looking sultry and sporty on an item of clothing and I’ll flock to it like a drunk to a kebab house. This top is nothing that special if you think about it, just a photo slapped onto a pretty ordinary black hooded top but I still want it. Infact, I want Adidas to dig through their whole early 80’s photo shoot negatives and slap them all on a variety of tops and tshirts. My wardrobe would become very one dimensional and I’d be skint….but it’s what I want alright!

This tasty piece of hoodie is £55 and the shipping is £5, although if you get 2 items or more then shipping is on the house. BUY

Milan Clothing is a great clothing site for your more upmarket, designer gear. Great selection of stuff from limited editions, casual, smart, underwear and more. Some stuff touches on the poncy and the ridiculously expensive but there’s plenty of other non-poncy gear that’s worth a look.

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