Adidas Team Adi Hoody

30th November 2007

Adidas Team Adi Hoody Can you really go wrong with any of the ‘Adidas Originals’ range? Well, quite frankly, you can but on the whole, you can’t. This hoody is no exception. Also comes in a sky blue but I prefer this brown one. Love the button collar thingy at the top and the ‘Team Adidas’ badge is pretty sweet too. If Santa doesn’t put this in my stocking then I’m kidnapping an elf.

This Adidas Team Adi Hoody is £60 and shipping is £5 but if you spend £75 or more then shipping is FREE so just bung on another tshirt to your order.


JD Sports your local high street sports store also has an online webby store on the instaweb highway tubes, so don’t bother leaving your house at the weekends, use their website instead and then go back to bed.

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  1. sports apparel Says:
    September 1st, 2008  

    For 60.00 pounds this is great top. OI bought one my self !

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