Black/Brown Check Friday Shirt

12th December 2007

Black/Brown Check Friday Shirt Another black shirt? Is the record scratched or sumfink? You can’t get enough of a good thing. Good looking black shirt but this style comes in a few different colours. Bit more casual than yesterdays, the stripes help break up the black a bit so you could wear it with jeans or something more casual than smart trousers. The stripes would also help hide tartan paint if you painted in it.

This shirt has been reduced from £50 to only £20! which would be chicken oriental in itself, but here’s a discount code – AW7AWWP – which gives you £5 off. So SmartGeezer has sorted you out, in effect, with FREE shipping and a shirt for only £17.50. SmartGeezer’s listen to SmartGeezer.


Savile Row another tasty looking website with more suits, shirts, ties and shoes than a financial district. Good range of stuff including some casual gear to help you empty your bank account.

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