Buy Nothing Day

23rd November 2007

Buy Nothing Day Saturday 24th November is international ‘Buy Nothing Day’. Why the 24th? Buy Nothing Day in the US is the day after Thanksgiving, which is the last Thursday of November, and is the busiest shopping day of the year over there. This year the 23rd is the day after Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving doesn’t mean much to the rest of us so having it on the following Saturday is a bit strange to me, why not have it on Boxing Day over here?

Anyway, I think it’s a good idea. The hippy, put-tin-foil-on-your-head conspiracy stuff about corporations taking over the world is a stretch for me but I like the idea of highlighting one day to not shop or consume. I mean, I don’t shop everyday, so it’s not going to be hardwork for me but the fact it raises awareness about excessive consumption and becoming too focused on material possessions is a good thing.

Like Remembrance Sunday, take a moment to think about things, then on the stroke of midnight hit the internet with your credit card like the apocalypse is coming and prices have been slashed for the last time!

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