Diesel Safado Faded Denim Jeans

9th November 2007

Diesel Safado Faded Denim Slim Fit Button Fly Jeans

Here’s a nice pair of Diesel jeans for your perusal. No funky shit going on here, a simple, quality pair of jeans that’ll look good for years. I’ve got a pair of Diesel jeans and had them for about 3 years now, they are really comfortable. You can wash them and they won’t feel like cardboard afterwards.

A pair of these suckers are £90 and shipping is £4. Now if that ain’t a tasty piece of work then I’m a monkey’s uncle.


Brown Bag Clothing Ltd is a real good online store with loads of top brands. If you’ve got some spare cash and it’s buring a hole in your pocket then you can relieve yourself all over these boys.

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