K-Swiss Ariake Trainers

7th November 2007

K-Swiss Ariake Trainers Apparently the K-Swiss Ariake Trainer is a ‘Freerunning’ shoe which is that thing that French bloke does when he jumps around town; up walls, down steps, rolls on roofs and generally doesn’t step on the cracks in the pavement cause bears might come out.

Not sure how many of you are thinking of utilising these trainers to their full capacity, not many, but they are not a bad looking trainer. Not usually into black trainers plus they are meant to be pretty comfortable and supportive because of what they’ve been designed for, which is plenty of jumping around on hard surfaces.

They cost £70 and shipping is a fiver.


JD Sports doesn’t mean you have to go down the High Street and interact with the masses, use their website inbetween downloading grot and tracking down your ex’s on MyFace.

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  1. sneakerdigga Says:
    July 4th, 2009  

    We had these trainers in our store (www.fabfive24.com), but had no good responds on sales. The running theme was not selling for K-Swiss!

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