Khujo Cord Jacket

3rd December 2007

Khujo Cord Jacket I don’t know why I’m posting a link up to this jacket because as soon as my pay cheque clears, I’m buying one. So if you live on the South Coast don’t buy it, cause I got dibs. My justification is threefold; I want a jacket but not a blue denim one, I want it to be warm and I ain’t spending a fortune on it. This thing checks all the boxes. The fact that it has an inside pocket too is a Bruce’s Bonus.

This Khujo Cord Jacket is £53 and shipping is FREE during the whole of December.


Dress For Less is a really good clothing site with loads of brands and loads of items at healthy prices. Defintely worth a visit, especially as shipping is free so you can spend that extra fiver on a pair of grundies or something.

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