Plain Brown Jumper

5th December 2007

Plain Brown Jumper So what does a smart geezer like you want with a plain old boring jumper like this? It’s the potato to your £200 jeans. It’s the runner beans to your £150 trainers. It’s the quiet cone holding your attention-seeking silky smooth vanilla ice cream and Flake.

There’s a reason why symphonies have mellow periods, why rollercoasters have slow bits and why football matches go a bit stale in the middle – they make the beautiful bits look more beautiful. You don’t have to spend a fortune on these bits though.

This Plain Brown Jumper is £35 but the nice guys at Burton are also giving you FREE shipping on orders over £50.


Burton is a menswear store with a ton of stuff for your delectable perusal. Loads of well priced staples to help you get matching items to compliment your outstanding, expensive items. More like ‘Wise’ than ‘Morecombe’.

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