Lacoste Camden Repeat 2 White Trainers

30th July 2008

Lacoste Camden Repeat 2 White Trainers Another nice white tennis trainer from Lacoste with the velcro fastening. The side is covered with a wallpapering of an outline of the crocodile or alligater, whatever it is.

I’m not sure which reptile is native to France…probably neither, but they probably eat both of them with a smelly cheese

Available in sizes from 6 to 12 and also in black.

A pair of Lacoste Camden Repeat 2 White Trainers are £40 and shipping is £5.


JD Sports your local high street sports shop also has a website selling a lot of the same stuff without the hassle of leaving your sofa and TV and finding a parking space.

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Duck & Cover

Devidoll – Ethical Designer Fashion

29th July 2008

Devidoll - Ethical Designer Fashion Caterine from Devidoll dropped me an email last week to check out her site.

She can describe it much better than me, so here’s what she said…

I wanted to bring to your attention. We are a young online high-end ethical fashion boutique based out of London. We stock fashion designers from all over the world — selected for edge and stylishness — most of whom are exclusive to us and are debuting in the UK/Europe via DeviDoll. We actively seek out upcoming talent from around the world and in this sense we are ‘incubators’ as well as a boutique.

Every label we choose is ethical in one or another way – fair trade, organic, uses alternative fabric, only from recycled/upcycled materials, promotes women & children’s socio-economic justice and supports traditional handicrafts. It is also a boutique that only stocks things that, in some way, benefit this earth and its people.Our company is fully carbon clear and our exquisite packaging is from recycled materials only.

We are ‘high-end’ in that we are trying to bring ethical fashion not just to those who know and prefer it but also to those who normally go for the latest mainstream fashionable item, be it Gucci or Prada. We are proud of being so ethical, so fashionable. DeviDoll is as much about aspirational style as about sustainable and responsible living.

Here’s all their men’s stuff, not a huge range but nonetheless, what is there is very good. My favourite item is the orange polo shirt by a label called ‘Panda Snacks’ because it’s made out of bamboo. Just don’t wear it into the panda enclosure cause those lazy panda’s might stop watching their panda porn and eat your shirt.

The Button Cardigan is top notch too.

The website is really nicely designed, easy to use and mainly features women’s items so if you’re stuck for something for the better half and want to impress her with some ethical fashion as well as treating yourself to a polo shirt, then you can’t go far wrong at Devidoll.

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Where can I get size 13 shoes?

28th July 2008

Where can I get size 13 shoes? Lawrence contacts SmartGeezer and poses a sizeable dilemma:

SmartGeezer, you seem pretty up on wear to shop, but can you solve this? I’m a size 13 shoe, needless to say shopping for footwear is no fun for me. Know of any websites that not only sell big sizes, but also styles someone might actually want to put on there feet? Maybe even branded shoes and trainers? Help!

You know what they say about men with big feet, right? It’s a bitch to find shoes online. I’ve sent the Smartgeezer slave elves out into the far reaches of the internet to hunt down size 13 shoes which are half decent for a Smartgeezer such as Lawrence. Working on the basis of coming home empty handed means no food, water or shelter, they search high and low. Did they find enough sites to feed themselves and their little elf children?

Find out below:

Cloggs – Not a great line up unless hiking boots flip your lid.

Extreme Pie – Going to have to hunt around this surf/skate store but there’s a few pairs available in 13.

Jones The Bootmakers – Loads of shoes but this search for size 13 brings up some size 46 (UK 12) so you may have to hunt around for size 47’s.

Shoes International – Do a search for ‘size 13′ here, they got a bunch of smart shoes. – A big selection of big sports shoes.

Totally Shoes – Has a few Converse and others but annoyingly brings up Child size 13’s too.

Walk Tall – I think this is more commonly known in the trade as ‘The Motherload’. Over 300 styles for you to sink your excessive plates of meat into my old son!

Hope that helps you out a little in finding some decent shoes for you. Thanks for your email, you now get two entries into the Gouldy’s tshirt prize draw for your troubles, the slave elves get fed and you help provide a useful post for others with size 13’s…a good day’s work.

We can now all take the weight off our feet and veg out in front of the TV.

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Animal Rafarta Check Short

25th July 2008

Animal Rafarta Check Short 6 pockets, belt loops, zip fly…these shorts have it all when it comes to short additional facilities.

O’yeah, it also has a lairy brown check pattern featured all over.

A productive item when choosing to go somewhere half decent but it’s too hot to wear trousers. A smart pair of shorts that would go well with a short sleeved shirt and some leather flip flops for those tropical nights out.

This pair of Animal Rafarta Check Shorts are £40. Extreme Pie have also given us a discount code that gives you 10% off everything until 3rd August. The code is – JULY10 – also shipping to the UK is FREE. BUY

Extreme Pie is a UK surf and skate shop with many brands and items for your immense pleasure and shopaholic enjoyment.

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Electric EC-DC Sunglasses

24th July 2008

Electric EC-DC Sunglasses So far we’ve had flip-flops and a shirt, tomorrow is a pair of shorts so lets assume we’re going commando and grab ourselves a pair of sunglasses to complete this summer ensemble.

These Electric EC-DC Sunglasses are fully loaded with 100% UV Protection so you don’t only look cool but you can keep looking full stop.

This pair of Electric EC-DC Sunglasses are £60. Extreme Pie have also given us a discount code that gives you 10% off everything until 3rd August. The code is – JULY10 – also shipping to the UK is FREE. BUY

Extreme Pie is a UK surf and skate shop with many brands and items for your immense enjoyment.

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Globe Carbon Flip-Flop

23rd July 2008

GLOBE Carbon Flip-Flop A pair of good looking flip-flops with a contour shape for comfort and a hemp/recycled upper with a padded strap.

There is also a plain, dark brown leather option available at Extreme Pie too – Here

Both kinds are available in s1zes 7 to 12.

This pair of GLOBE Carbon Flip-Flops are £20 reduced in the sale from £30. Extreme Pie have also given us a discount code that gives you 10% off everything until 3rd August. The code is – JULY10 – also shipping to the UK is FREE. BUY

Extreme Pie is a UK surf and skate shop with many brands and items for your immense pleasure and enjoyment.

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Animal Silver Hand SS Check Shirt

22nd July 2008

Animal Silver Hand SS Check Shirt So Extreme Pie have got a 10% discount code which only lasts this week and gives you 10% off anything with no minimum spend.

To help you find your money’s worth and to save you searching through the whole store to find something you like, I have done it for you. This week I shall mostly be featuring Extreme Pie bargains.

Today is this short sleeved Animal shirt. For humans too.

This Animal Silver Hand SS Check Shirt is £21 reduced in the sale from £30. Extreme Pie have also given us a discount code that gives you 10% off everything until 3rd August. The code is – JULY10 – also shipping to the UK is FREE. BUY

Extreme Pie is a UK surf and skate shop with many brands and items for the skater, the surfer and non-skaters and non-surfers who just want to find some clothes to wrap their disgusting, naked bodies in.

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Competition: Win a Gouldy’s Tshirt!

21st July 2008

Competition: WIN a Gouldy's Tshirt! Another tshirt competition for you to delve into. Win this blue tshirt with silver print by Gouldy’s?

Chris from Gouldy’s sent an email saying he had one knocking around to give away in exchange for some linkage, plus he sweetened it by sending me one.

It’s a very nice tshirt, fits like a glove and the silver print is quite striking against the navy blue background.

To enter this competition has been made stupidly simple in order to get entrants. All you have to do is submit an Ask SmartGeezer question, add a comment to any post (with a correct email address) or join the SmartGeezer Facebook Group. That’s it!

You’ve got two weeks to pull your finger out and add a comment or ask a question – the deadline is Friday 1st August.

The winner can then choose what size they want and if they are especially unmoved by this blue tshirt, then maybe a few kind words to Chris may allow you to pick another one from their range. Check out what else they have – Gouldy’s Tshirt Range

Bonus Round – Double Bubble!

Answer the following question via email or contact form to get an extra entry into the draw and increase your chances of my mitts picking your name out:

Which market did Gouldy’s Tees start on?

You’ll find the answer on their website –

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Adidas Universal Off-White Leather Trainers

18th July 2008

Adidas Universal Off-White Leather Trainers If you want to keep it simple and have all trainer decision making responsibilities removed from your life then this pair may satisfy all your requirements for the easy life.

It’s white, so it’s clean. But it’s off-white so it’s not like every other plain white trainer out there. The shape is nice and clean. Available from size 7.5 to 11.

This pair of Adidas Universal Off-White Leather Trainers are £55 and shipping is £4.


Trainer Station is a good website with loads of quality trainers in stock; Nike, Adidas, Puma, Converse and more.

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Junk Food ‘I Love Blondes’ Smurfette T-Shirt

17th July 2008

Junk Food 'I Love Blondes' Smurfette T-Shirt First off, I like brown tshirts.

Secondly, I like blondes.

Thirdly, ‘Smurfette’ gives me an uncomfortable level of guilty arousal, like fancying a mates sister or something.

OK, so she’s got huge feet but look at that look in her eye…the cheeky blue minx.

This Junk Food ‘I Love Blondes’ Smurfette T-Shirt is £15, plus there’s also the Smartgeezer exclusive code – SMARTGEEZER – which gives you 5% off. Shipping is £3. BUY

Bagga Menswear – a great online mens clothing destination for fine stylish threads. Use the exclusive SMARTGEEZER discount code and get 5% off anything else.

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