Fly53 Men’s Kyoto V-neck Knit

29th September 2008

Fly53 Men's Kyoto V-neck Knit Here’s a tasty black jumper with eye-catching yellow collar and cuffs like some Toyah Wilcox throwback from the early 80’s.

The site says it’s a ‘Mid-weight 12 Gauge’ which sounds pretty dangerous, so be careful when wearing this thing. Check the safety catch is on first.

Available in small, medium, large and extra large.

This Fly53 Men’s Kyoto V-neck Knit is now £40. Shipping is £3.50.


Big Bad Buffalo is an online store with urban and skate style brands such as Fenchurch, Fly53, Dunderdon, Supremebeing and others. Stocks stuff you won’t find in most other places so well worth checking out.

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Duck & Cover

Converse All Star Double Upper

26th September 2008

Converse All Star Double Upper These are like the ‘Double Impact’ of the trainer world, not only do you get a pair of Jean Claude Van Damme’s on your plates of meat, you also get another pair of Jean Claude Van Damme’s thrown in too.

These trainers have a split personality disorder, bi-polar and double laced. They think with two minds and talk with two tongues. Will your feet be able to handle such a psychological mix?

Available in sizes from 7 to 13.

This pair of Converse All Star Double Upper trainers are £40. UK shipping is £3.


Schuh – has a wide range of shoes from many brands including Puma, Camper, Peter Werth, Paul Smith, Diesel, Ben Sherman, Boxfresh, Converse, K-Swiss, Timberland and more.

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Ask SmartGeezer: Where can I get a casual waistcoat?

25th September 2008

Ask SmartGeezer: Where can I get a casual waistcoat? Lawrence emails SmartGeezer with this little tester:

I’m trying to find a store that has a decent selection of must-have waist coats?

I have to apologise to Lawrence cause he sent this a while back and I’ve only just got around to answering it. I shall punish an elf on behalf, accordingly. Once again, I packed off the SmartGeezer elves to forage into the underworld of the webs to find UK websites selling such items that would adequately please Lawrence. If not, they would be banished from this place like diseased ridden old whores. If they succeeded, they would be fed the bare minimum portions that befit slave elves.

Did they eat or were they banished? Find out below:

All Saints – Some good waistcoats here on the more high end of the smart spectrum.

Ben Sherman – got a few knocking around in there somewhere.

Austin Reed – mainly really smart wedding type waistcoats but you never know, you might want to be looking extra sparkly!

Burton – I think this link may save my elves from banishment, quite a few casual waistcoats at good prices.

YOOX – a good selection but also a bit heavy handed on the pricing. Who know’s? Maybe Lawrence is loaded.

Dress For Less – take a closer look through this page and you’ll see a very nice selection of casual waistcoats.

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Savile Row Shirt Sale

24th September 2008

Savile Row Shirt Sale Shirts are necessary for some jobs and not particularly exciting because it’s for work, innit? Get a job lot of 4 for £65 at Savile Row.

For 7 days only all Savile Row men’s shirts are reduced to £17 (saving £3 on the website price) or ‘buy 4 shirts for £65′ (saving £10 on website price). Enter code – AWLINE – expires 27th September 2008. BUY

Savile Row – is a really great clothing site with many stylish shirts and top notch suits. If you’re currently lagging behind in the shirt stakes and need to top off your wardobe with some new ones then today is the day.

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Atelier La Durance Flannel Plaid Shirt

23rd September 2008

Atelier La Durance Flannel Plaid Shirt I like this shirt purely on the basis of colour. You can’t help but look at this and smile cause the colour combo infects you like I imagine Joseph’s Amazing Technicolor Coat would have done back in them bible days.

It makes me want to sing ‘Any dream will do’…no it doesn’t. It’s not that good, but it makes me hum it whilst I’m walking down the street.

What am I going on about? I don’t know. This nice shirt yes?

This Atelier La Durance Flannel Plaid Shirt is £85 and use the exclusive code – SMARTGFREE – to get FREE delivery. BUY

Oki-Ni is a great online mens clothing store with loads of designer brands such as Fred Perry, Lost Souls, Evisu, Twelve Bar, Silas, Diesel, Miu Miu, Lacoste and many more.

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Fila Gold Black Indianapolis Track Top

22nd September 2008

Fila Gold Black Indianapolis Track Top A nice understated, black jacket from Fila.

Gold logo, zip and popper fastners and did you know those things on the shoulders are called ‘Epaulettes’? I didn’t. Not only a nice addition to the wardrobe but an educational experience too, what more do you want from a jacket?

Available in sizes small, medium, large and extra large.

This Fila Gold Black Indianapolis Track Top is £60 and shipping is FREE. BUY

Stand-Out – a specialist men’s retailer with loads of items from brands such as Drunknmunky, Religion, Supreme Being, Two Stoned and many more. FREE shipping if you spend over £60…so get hunting!

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Roktic – Streetwear Clothing

18th September 2008

Roktic I don’t know if you’ve noticed this week but I’ve been extremely slack. I felt like taking a week off out of sheer laziness.

Then Joe from Roktic emails me and says check out my clothing site. So I do and he brings me a nice easy excuse to pull my finger out and post something this week. I’ll get back to normal next week.

Roktic sells streetwear tshirts, hoodies and bags all with that retro 80’s feel to it. My favourite tshirt is the one I’ve stuck in the photo on the left here. Not a huge range like other stores but a good quality range nonetheless. All smaller, lesser known brands so it’s all original stuff here, none of your major brand nonsense.

Easy to use simple site and good photos, I think a good addition would be a good size chart especially as these are small brands who may size their stock differently to each other and to the major brands who may use to pick your size. There’s free shipping for September and they do returns, so it’s not a turn off, just a nice addtion.

Overall, Roktic is a good site with some great items you’re not going to find anywhere else, well worth a visit. Thanks for the email Joe.

I’m going to hibernate for the rest of the week now.

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Goorin Brown Fedora Hat

12th September 2008

Goorin Brown Fedora Hat Let’s end the week with a hat. Why not? I should’ve said, “Let’s cap the week off with a hat”.

Here’s a brown fedora style hat with an orange, cream and burgundy strap. Feel free to tilt it at a fashionable angle, lean against a bar, take a strain on your rather short cigarette and order some form of spirit.

This Goorin Brown Fedora Hat is £35 plus £6 shipping. BUY

Oki-Ni is a great online mens clothing store with loads of designer brands such as Fred Perry, Lost Souls, Evisu, Twelve Bar, Silas, Diesel, Miu Miu, Lacoste and many more.

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Grey Crew Neck Sweater

11th September 2008

Grey Crew Neck Sweater As the cold weather draws in…did it ever roll out?…you’re going to need some jumpers. You can fanny around with some patterns and designer jumpers but a whole load of headache can be avoided with this simple little number.

Nice and simple and also available in red and black…well, more of a dark, charcoal grey.

This Grey Crew Neck Sweater is £20 and standard shipping is £4. Free delivery when you spend £40 or more: Enter “FREEPOST” at checkout. BUY

UNIQLO a really nice online store with quite a bit of good quality own brand items, so makes a change from the usual designer gear.

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Location Goggles Jacket

10th September 2008

Location Goggles Jacket Not sure if an item of clothing has actually sent shivers down my spine before but this jacket would leave an innocent bystander believing their planet had just been invaded by some form of human/robotic hybrid of destroyers.

Mid-length, waterproof jacket with pockets, hood and goggles, very suitable for the British weather. Available in a few different colours including camouflage.

This Location Goggles Jacket is £80 and standard shipping is £4, although there is a special offer on at the moment with FREE shipping on all purchases over £50, so don’t wait around. BUY

House of Fraser very nice website with loads of menswear items from top designer brands.

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