Ask SmartGeezer: Belts or are Suspenders OK?

28th November 2008

Ask SmartGeezer: Belts or are Suspenders OK? Hannah emailed SmartGeezer with this short question:

Are suspenders still cool for guys or are belts just what everone wears now?

This question is about a month old, so first apologies to Hannah for being such a slacker. Second, I would say only buy suspenders or braces for a guy if he already has a pair or has asked for some. For a guy who has no interest in braces to suddenly get them, would be a shock to the system.

I guess only mods and stockbrokers would fall into the braces category.

So let’s stick mainly to belts, there’s a whole plethora of belts out there on the intraweb tubes. I sent out the SmartGeezer elves on a mercy mission to earn their days keep in the cellars at SmartGeezer HQ. They found quite a good range of belts from smart leather ones to bright, funky ones for the hipsters grooving to the hit parade.

Find out…

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Duck & Cover

Griffin – Designer Outdoor Clothing

27th November 2008

Nicole from Griffin dropped me an email last week letting me know about the store and the latest collaboration between them and Berghaus, the outdoor clothing and equipment specialists.

Griffin produce their own clothing but they also have some collaborations going with some big names like Kickers, Mackintosh and Berghaus. Adding their own design flare to existing items. Seems to be a popular approach with Adidas teaming up with Goodyear, Alexander McQueen and Stella McCartney, Puma with Ferrari – I think it’s called ‘synergy’ in the boardroom.

The Berghaus jackets look great. Coincidently enough, my first Saturday job was in an outdoor shop and these jackets are top quality but they can be a bit dull and look the same as each other. Griffin has made technically great jackets, look great too.

My favourite one is the one in the picture, a Berghaus X Griffin Half Dome Jacket, also available in camouflage too. Unfortunately both of these are sold out. There’s an Elysian jacket which is top notch too.

These jackets are around £300 but Nicole has sent us smartgeezers a little sweetner for everyone during these credit crunching times, an exclusive 20% off voucher just enter the code – SMARTGEEZER – at checkout and your bank account will breathe a little easier. This ends on 8th December 2008.

Griffin has a really good range of great looking outdoor gear for the more descerning hiker.

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Girls! 10 Tips For Men’s Clothes Shopping!

24th November 2008

Girls! 10 Tips For Men's Clothes Shopping! Based on the SmartGeezer research I managed to cobble together some solid tips and advice for the fairer sex incase you’ve run into a stumbling block.

You may think that buying clothes for men is easy and nothing compared to the opposite of men buying for girls, well, you’d be right about the second part but according to our research 55% of men have received ‘some right old crap‘ from girls, so don’t get too smug ladies.

Geezers are more discerning than you may think.

So here they are, 10 bona fide tips. The obvious things like checking his size, keeping the receipt, checking the returns policy of stores, etc are too obvious for this indepth investigation, so let’s get down to the nitty gritty ladies…

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Girls! The Results of the ‘Buying-Geezers-Clothes’ Survey!

21st November 2008

Girls! Menswear Shopping Advice - What To Buy The Geezer In Your Life! Christmas is coming, maybe a birthday, an aniversary or you cheated on him with his best mate…whatever the reason for you to be buying mens clothes, here’s some help.

At SmartGeezer we don’t just make any old stuff up, seriously, it may look like it but it’s all based on the most rigorous scientific research.

We posed the regular, esteemed clientelle of SmartGeezer a 10 question survey to garner their habits and opinions on receiving clothes as presents.

Here’s what 102 geezers came back with along with some outstanding analysis and conclusions from yours truly:

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Debenhams Grey Fairtrade Cotton Jumper

20th November 2008

Debenhams Grey Fairtrade Cotton Jumper Not all clothes shopping can involve three figure numbers and achingly fashionable brand names, mere mortals amongst us have to get some regular stuff to balance things up.

This grey jumper at Debenhams is an example of a great looking, simple jumper at a good price because of the lack of powerful brand name. It’s fairtrade too so you’re doing your bit amongst the brutal fashion monolith haunting this fragle world.

Available in sizes small, medium, large, XL and XXL.

The Debenhams Grey Fairtrade Cotton Jumper is £35 and shipping is £4.50.


Debenhams the online store of the high street department store.

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Firetrap Chicago Melton Jacket

19th November 2008

Firetrap Chicago Melton Jacket It’s a smart wool jacket, high neck collar, 2 big front pockets and a small chest pocket on the left.

Available in small, medium, large and extra large.

Please ignore the extremely annoying TV presenters at the bottom of the page.

This Firetrap Chicago Melton Jacket is £140. Shipping is £4.50.


USC great online menswear store with loads of top designer brands at decent prices, plus they got womenswear too so you could always get something for your other half…nah, forget that.

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Fenchurch Howard Tek Jacket

18th November 2008

Fenchurch Howard Tek Jacket Great looking jacket by Fenchurch here. Nice plain dark blue jacket with a few pockets, a hood and no brash branding to burn your eyes.

Also available in black and grey.

Available in sizes small, medium, large and extra large.

This Fenchurch Howard Tek Jacket is £50 and shipping is £4.


Republic great online store with a real good selection of brands such as Bench, Crafted, G-Star, Drunknmunky, Ecko, Soul Cal and more.

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Duffer Of St. George Hooded Biker Sweatshirt

17th November 2008

Duffer Of St. George Hooded Biker Sweatshirt Here’s a jumper with a difference. Loads of zips in this stylish little number. Hooded top and a wonky main central zip for that futuristic, hovercar look.

Available in small, medium, large and XL. Also available in black.

This Duffer Of St. George Hooded Biker Sweatshirt is £80 and delivery is £5.


Urban Outfitters is a really good online clothing store stocking brands such as Denim is Everything, Original Penguin, Stussy, Supreme Being, Chunk, Modern Amusement, Paul Smith, G-Star, Lee and loads more for fashion hungry style whores such as yourself.

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Christmas Jumpers

14th November 2008

Christmas Jumpers You need a cheesy Christmas Jumper!

A great selection here including this Santa. There’s also reindeer, snowman, the ubiquitous awful patterned jumper plus elf jumpers.

These Christmas Jumpers from £35. Shipping is £4.50.


Christmas Jumper Store – a bunch of Christmas jumpers for your yule tide enjoyment.

Urban Outfitters – a load of clothes and accessories that have nothing to do with Christmas.

And, check out the Diesel Christmas Cardigan! »

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Adidas ZXZ 123 Pink & Brown Trainers

13th November 2008

Adidas ZXZ 123 Pink & Brown Trainers Last of all we have another pair of Adidas trainers. Plenty of cushion for the pushin’ and a splash of pink against the brown to brighten and retrofy these little beauties.

If you want to go batshit crazy then these are also available in a crazy luminous pink, purple and turquoise colour. If Dave is legally blind then he might like them.

This pair of Adidas ZXZ 123 Pink & Brown Trainers are £50. Shipping is £3.50.


Office Shoes is an online store that not only sells shoes that you can wear to the office but also shoes that you can wear to other places like a pub, your grans, the countryside or even down to the local mosque where you could leave them in the lobby to impress everyone else coming in. Lovely.

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