Location Clothing Storm Trooper Visor Jacket

31st December 2008

Location Clothing Storm Trooper Visor Jacket Location Clothing sent me this Storm Trooper jacket with visor a few days ago and I’ll tell you something…I’m glad the weather’s cold and my car’s knackered, because I can wear this thing everywhere.

First off, the basics. This is a top notch ski/snow/outdoor jacket, whatever you want to call it. Light, breathable, fasteners to keep out the wind, holes to let your body breathe, you can see more of the technical stuff here – Location Clothing. It also has the regular 2 side pockets, 2 inside pockets, an arm pocket and an inside pocket near the waist where you could store the goggles/visor.

OK, enough with the basics, what makes this thing better than all the other good winter jackets?
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Duck & Cover

Sales Galore!

27th December 2008

Sales Galore! The western world’s financial system is in turmoil, banks nationalised, businesses on their knees whilst hard working citizens watch their bills go up and directors of the aforementioned banks still rake in a bonus that would make even Ashley Cole blush.

The solution? Go clothes shopping my stamped upon proletariat friend. If you can’t look good whilst the Capitalist mammoth crushes your skull with it’s limited edition McQueen Dr. Martins, then when can you?

These are Darwinian economics, vote with your credit limit. Those stores left to die can join Woolworths in the great High Street in the sky…and good ridance to them. The loyal consumer is dead, long live the frugal consumer!
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Last Chance to Shop!

22nd December 2008

Last Chance to Shop! So this is it, today is basically the last chance you have getting any shopping done for Christmas. You could wait for tomorrow and go for next day post, but you’d be a braver man than me.

There’s also some early sales starting already so you can take advantage of the recession ravaged retail sector…that’s if you’ve still got a job yourself. Here’s a taster;

Republic »

Kitbag »

Bagga Menswear »

All Saints »

That’s me done for Christmas, I’m giving myself the rest of the week off as I’m still in shock that my car died and I need to buy a new friggin engine for it. Happy bloody Christmas everybody!

Remember, you also got a chance to win a couple of Amplified Clothing tshirts, just enter the competition.

O’yeah, I also set up a Twitter account which will inform you of new blog posts and any other stuff, so follow it – http://twitter.com/smartgeezer

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Calvin Klein Grey Polo Shirt

19th December 2008

Calvin Klein Grey Polo Shirt No messing here, back to the serious matters in hand.

A simple grey polo shirt which should be located in every smart geezers wardrobe. This has the added brand recognition of a little Calvin Klein motif at the bottom.

Also available in navy blue, another staple.

This Calvin Klein Grey Polo Shirt is £33.


Dress For Less is a great place to go when you’ve got money to burn and just want to browse through a wide selection of stuff. Everything is discounted and shipping is FREE if you spend over £40.

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Replay Raffaello Retro Print Brief

18th December 2008

Replay Raffaello Retro Print Brief “You’re having a laugh SmartGeezer!”

You’re damn right I am. The problem with going retro is that you can go back to places that no-one actually wants to go back to.

This reminds me of forgetting my PE kit and having to climb the rope with sweet, sweet Fiona laughing at me with her friends.

Why did you laugh Fiona!!!!!! That rope was a symbol of our future!!! Actually, looking back on it, I think it were the pants that were a symbol.

This pair of Replay Raffaello Retro Print Briefs are £21 and shipping is £5.


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Electronic Poet Grey Padded Sweatshirt

17th December 2008

Electronic Poet Grey Padded Sweatshirt There’s only one reason I’m posting this jumper and that is; when I saw it I got serious deja vu. I swear I used to have something like this when I was about 11, 12 or 13 around 1989/90.

Anyone else getting deja vu looking at this item? I’m thinking it could have been a BMX themed jumper, not sure, but it was definitely white, I remember that. Now I wish I got deja vu over more important things like FA Cup and Grand National winners…o’well.

This Electronic Poet Grey Padded Sweatshirt is £55 reduced from £70. Delivery is £5.


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Adidas Originals Arrow

16th December 2008

Adidas Originals Arrow Another re-issue from the Adidas Originals canon, this time it’s the Arrows running shoe from the 70’s when all runners had bushy black moustaches.

I’m sure Adidas will have re-issued everything soon and then start re-issuing, re-issues.

Available in sizes 7 to 12. Also available in black with metallic blue stripes.

This pair of Adidas Originals Arrow are £55 and shipping is £5.


JD Sports your local high street sports shop also has a website selling a lot of the same stuff.

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Twin Tipped Cotton Cardigan

15th December 2008

Twin Tipped Cotton Cardigan Every bloke should have some species of cardigan festering in their wardrobe. Here’s another one to go with last week’s cardigan, a nice little grey number with red and blue trim. A cheaper, thinner version

Available in small, medium, large and XL. Also available in blue with yellow and white trim.

This Twin Tipped Cotton Cardigan is £30 and delivery is £5.


Urban Outfitters is a really good online clothing store stocking brands such as Denim is Everything, Original Penguin, Stussy, Supreme Being, Chunk, Modern Amusement, Paul Smith, G-Star, Lee and loads more for fashion hungry style merchants such as yourself.

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Competition: Win 2 Amplified Clothing Tshirts!

12th December 2008

Competition: Win 2 Amplified Clothing Tshirts! So you want to win 2 of these Amplified Clothing tshirts? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

They sent me 4 of them but during this season of giving I feel I should give away a couple to some of the esteemed clientele that pass this way…oh, and you too.

To win all you have to do is email the answer to this question:

Name 2 other bands, apart from Guns & Roses and The Rolling Stones, that are featured on Amplified Clothing tshirts at their online store at Sugar Bullets?

The winner can choose 2 tshirts from the 4 I got sent;
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Amplified Clothing Tshirts

11th December 2008

I got contacted by Amplified Clothing who wanted to spread the word about their tshirts and other items of clothing. They sell music inspired tshirts and clothing via their website at Sugar Bullets; from AC/DC and The Rolling Stones to Run DMC and their own branded designs.

You’ve got retro, vintage designs and styling, you’ve got regular tshirts, hoodies and dresses and you’ve got plenty of celebrity endorsement from Girls Aloud to David Beckham.

Amplified sent through the 4 tshirts pictured to check out;

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