Adidas Leader Sand/Brown Suede Trainer

19th May 2008

Adidas Leader Sand/Brown Suede Trainer I feel like having a week of trainers this week so let’s kick-off with these funky aged brown ones from Adidas.

If the camera ever panned down during a late 70’s episode of Open University, one of the science ones, then you may have seen something like this once you’d taken your eyes off the leather elbow patch.

If brown doesn’t do it for you then Adidas Leader trainers are available in loads of different colours.

A pair of these Adidas Leader Sand/Brown Suede Trainer are going for £50 smackeroonies and shipping is £4.


Trainer Station is a great little website with loads of quality trainers in stock; Nike, Adidas, Puma, Converse and more. You can usually find some models that you don’t normally find in your regular high street sites, well worth having a dig around.

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