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11th December 2008

I got contacted by Amplified Clothing who wanted to spread the word about their tshirts and other items of clothing. They sell music inspired tshirts and clothing via their website at Sugar Bullets; from AC/DC and The Rolling Stones to Run DMC and their own branded designs.

You’ve got retro, vintage designs and styling, you’ve got regular tshirts, hoodies and dresses and you’ve got plenty of celebrity endorsement from Girls Aloud to David Beckham.

Amplified sent through the 4 tshirts pictured to check out;

1. Death Before Dishonor T-Shirt – part of their ‘Saints & Sinners’ collection. Reverse stitching and grungy print to give it the vintage look.

2. Fireangels T-Shirt – also part of their ‘Saints & Sinners’ collection. The print at the front covers the whole length with the gold foil title across the top.

3. Guns N Roses Skull Logo T-Shirt – classic G&R imagery on a quality charcoal grey vintage tshirt, ‘So fine’! Good timing since they’ve got a new album out.

4. Rolling Stones Tongue T-Shirt – probably pick of the bunch, this one. The mouth and tongue is done in black, gold and silver diamontes along with the vintage style outside stitching to give it that ‘Torn and Frayed’ look.

Some really good tshirts here and loads more on the website.

Is that it?!

Oh no my son!

You like these tshirts? You want a couple?

There’s a competition tomorrow where you can win any 2 you want, so see you tomorrow yeah?

Until then check out Amplified Clothing and use the exclusive discount code they’ve given SmartGeezer VIP’s like yourself – smartgeezer – and get 10% off! The code expires on December 31st 2008.

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