Ask SmartGeezer: What Colour Should I Wear In Winter?

3rd October 2008

Black Classic Wool Pea Coat Matt contacted the site with this little conundrum:

Hi SmartGeezer, What colour should I wear in winter? I often wear a shirt on nights out, in winter I wear a v-neck on top to keep warm, any colours i should look out for?

I looked at the SmartGeezer elves who then stared blankly back as the whole SmartGeezer HQ froze in the fear of such a question that required actual bona fide fashion knowledge and not just mindlessly scouring das intravebs for bargains.

After mercilessly punishing the SmartGeezer slave elves for such insolence, I contacted the good folks over at Improvability to help me out as I remembered I’d put a link to their site over on the DumbGeezers page.

The fashion Gods had obviously found time to avert their gaze away from their own reflections to look down favourably on me, as Kim from Improvability emailed back with some great tips for Matt and all you other SmartGeezers out there:

Menswear Fashion Trends Autumn / Winter 2008

The mood for menswear for Autumn / Winter 2008 is more about calmness than flash, and the formal, dressed-up look continues to reign for the third season running.

Purple is THE colour again, ranging from deep autumnal aubergine to lighter violets. The designer shows also gleamed with elegant, bright, sapphire blue; it’s hardly subtle but you can always mute the impact with black or grey. Three-piece (or more) suits in blacks, greys, and muted colours are serious clothes for a more serious world. Look for a suit with a matching waistcoat AND outer coat. Try it without a shirt or perhaps just without the tie. Suits in muted shades of blue or purple are very stylish right now.

Subdued, natural and earthy colours – cocoa, bronze, charcoal, chocolate, aubergine – are also back in classic British aristocratic dressing; think the Country Gent coming up to town in matching and neatly-groomed pieces – tweeds, heavy checks, flat caps and brogues.

A double-breasted purple cashmere pea coat* or chesterfield** will be a great addition to your wardrobe. From the sublime to the ridiculous, headgear is everywhere; flat caps, riding hats, the Derby, a roll cap or even a bowler! Above all, polished is all the rage; über grooming is key to this season’s smart, British gentleman, classic look.

* Pea coats are characterized by broad lapels, double-breasted fronts, often large wooden buttons, and vertical or slash pockets.
** A chesterfield coat is a velvet-collared, single-breasted overcoat with concealed buttons reaching to the knees. The coat was designed by an Earl of Chesterfield.

So it’s time to smarten up geezers. I found this great looking Black Classic Wool Pea Coat from Burton (£75) following Kim’s advice.

Thanks to Matt for asking a great question and many thanks to Kim for answer it for me! Make sure you visit Improvability and get some more tips and advice.

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Banter » Ask SmartGeezer: What Colour Should I Wear In Winter?
  1. Kenny Surtani Says:
    October 4th, 2008  

    subtle earthy colors are the best for winter

  2. phillip Says:
    June 20th, 2012  

    Yep i totally agree…

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