Ask SmartGeezer: Where can I get a casual waistcoat?

25th September 2008

Ask SmartGeezer: Where can I get a casual waistcoat? Lawrence emails SmartGeezer with this little tester:

I’m trying to find a store that has a decent selection of must-have waist coats?

I have to apologise to Lawrence cause he sent this a while back and I’ve only just got around to answering it. I shall punish an elf on behalf, accordingly. Once again, I packed off the SmartGeezer elves to forage into the underworld of the webs to find UK websites selling such items that would adequately please Lawrence. If not, they would be banished from this place like diseased ridden old whores. If they succeeded, they would be fed the bare minimum portions that befit slave elves.

Did they eat or were they banished? Find out below:

All Saints – Some good waistcoats here on the more high end of the smart spectrum.

Ben Sherman – got a few knocking around in there somewhere.

Austin Reed – mainly really smart wedding type waistcoats but you never know, you might want to be looking extra sparkly!

Burton – I think this link may save my elves from banishment, quite a few casual waistcoats at good prices.

YOOX – a good selection but also a bit heavy handed on the pricing. Who know’s? Maybe Lawrence is loaded.

Dress For Less – take a closer look through this page and you’ll see a very nice selection of casual waistcoats.

That’s the lot from the slave elves. I shall give them a glass of water to share until I hear from Lawrence about the quality of their work.

Some good waitcoats there, I think probably Burton and Dress For Less could hold something in their selections. O’yeah, the image also links through to a black Religion Waistcoat.

I’ve been thinking that a waistcoat is a good idea cause surely if you get a snug one and button that sucker up tightly then the old relaxed 6 pack could be kept under control. Just don’t wear it whilst pigging out on an extra large pizza.

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