Ask SmartGeezer: Where can I get brown cords?

6th March 2008

Ask SmartGeezer: Where can I get brown cords? Adrian contacts SmartGeezer and poses a challenge:

Where can I get a cool pair of brown cords?

You’ve come to the right place. A pair of brown cords are a must in any wardrobe, least of all because they allow you to dig out your blue denim jacket. In no particular order, here’s a list of brown cords being flogged on teh webs in this fine land:

Burton – Belted Brown Bedford Cord – £20.

Tommy Hilfiger – a range of Tommy Hilfiger brown corduroys (and other colours) at ‘Dress For Less’ starting at £35 up to about £50.

Alberto – a pair of brown corduroys at ‘Dress For Less’ for £35.

Volcom – Incline – straight leg cords for £55.

Etnies – Jagger – regular fit cords for £45.

Lee Cooper – LC28 – comfort fit cords for £29.

Dope – Emboss – classic cut brown cords for £48.

Paul Smith – classic cut for £74.

YOOX – there’s a whole bunch here at YOOX, check out this page for a style you like in your size and price range.

Carhartt Staff – classic cut, £65.

That’s your lot for now Adrian. Let me know if any of these float your boat and you forked out for a pair. Cheers and thanks for the question.

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Banter » Ask SmartGeezer: Where can I get brown cords?
  1. Gramso Says:
    August 27th, 2008  

    Good advice mate. I love the Classic Carhartt Staff cords but I can't get them anywhere (even via your link). Any suggestions?

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