Austin Reed: 3 Formal Shirts for £80!

30th April 2008

Black Satin Shirt So, I’m going to make this as easy for you as possible. Austin Reed are doing a special deal of 3 formal shirts for £80, but I can hear you say, “How do I pick from so many? I’m such a dumbass.”

Let me help you. Here are 3 shirts that will fit any bill;

Blue City Stripe Shirt – first we got the blue shirt as white gets a bit boring.

Lilac Non Iron Herringbone Shirt – then we got a purple one to jazz things up a little.

Beige & Blue Check Shirt – and finally is a check one to throw in a curve ball.

Austin Reed – tons of shirts for all occassions. Shipping is only £5 so get yourself shirted up.

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