Bacon & Eggs Tshirt

24th March 2008

Bacon & Eggs Tshirt Check out this great design from I think this is why doctors don’t recommend a fry up in the morning. Something about breaking the genetic engineering codes of morality and ethics.

This tshirt is available in a variety of colours on different types of tshirts. There’s also an apron so you can wear this whilst cooking your fry up and make everyone else feel slightly uneasy. Which is good, as that’s more bacon and eggs for you.

This Bacon & Eggs tshirt is £20. Shipping is £4. BUY – a wicked tshirt shop with loads of great, original tshirt designs. They also have a DIY tool so you can create your own products on a wide range of clothing items; choose the design, pick the colours and select the item of clothing you want. Easy.

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