Ben Sherman Shoes Nostra Sand

15th January 2008

Ben Sherman Shoes Nostra Sand If you haven’t already got a pair of brown shoes in your wardrobe then you’re missing out on a staple product of any SmartGeezer. Makes a change from black and from trainers plus these stench of the 70’s/early 80’s, you can imagine ‘The Professionals’ jumping over old Ford Cortina’s wearing these as they chase some villain out of a pub and down some dirty alley. When you wear these, you’ll feel like a Professional…and that’s a promise.

This pair of Ben Sherman shoes are currently in the Cloggs sale at £40 reduced from £55. Shipping is FREE which is sweeter than a bag of nuts served by Playboy bunny girls.


Cloggs have loads of shoes, trainers and various other footwear from tons of brandnames. They also have some clothes too.

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