Blue Diesel Trainers

18th February 2008

Blue Diesel Trainers As a general rule, I’m not a fan of Diesel trainers, not any of their footwear to be honest with you but I saw these and they changed my old world, stuck in the mud former beliefs.

The trouble is they have too many lines, colours and ‘bits’ stuck on them. Like a boy-racer with too many Halfords gift vouchers. This pair (which apparently has no name) is real nice though. Just your basic blue, grey and white, subtly done and not overcooked on gas mark ‘I’m-Trying-Too-Hard’.

This pair of unnamed blue Diesel trainers are £40. Shipping is £6.


YOOX is a huge purveyor of top quality brands. There’s so much here you’ll never be able to look through it all during one day of work, so you’ll have to skive the whole week off. Luckily they have a favourites (Dreambox) for to you store stuff for when you get paid.

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