Bonsai Perf Leather Shoes

14th March 2008

Bonsai Perf Leather Shoes A pair of leather shoes available in dark brown and tan, both featuring contrasting white stitching at the front and the back.

Something smart casual for your weekly jaunt down to one of those pubs that try to keep an air of exclusivity by not allowing trainers even though it is just a pub but it probably hasn’t got a dart board and old men sitting in the corner so is it really a pub? The music is too loud, the girls look too young and you used to go to school with one of the bouncers so you decide to knock it on the head and go home.

This pair of Bonsai Perf Leather shoes are £50. Shipping is £3.50.

BUY THIS ITEM ». Feeling too old and past it…free.

Office Shoes is an online store that not only sells shoes that you can wear to the office but also shoes that you can wear to other places like a pub, your grans, the countryside or even down to the local mosque where you could leave them in reception to impress everyone else coming in. Lovely.

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