Boxfresh Sip 2 Trainers

10th December 2008

Boxfresh Sip 2 Trainers I featured the original Boxfresh Sip back in June but here’s an updated version. By the looks of things, not a lot has changed which is good as these are some quality trainers and make no mistake mister.

I like them as they are a cross between a trainer and a casual pair of shoes, especially the brown and black versions. I can see them satisfying a need in many different situations, a utility shoe.

Available in sizes 7 to 12 and also in Black and in Brown.

This pair of Boxfresh Sip 2 trainers are £55. Shipping is £4.


Boxfresh – the official online store for this British manufacturer of quality garments and footwear. Great range of products and well worth checking out, young man.

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