Chunk Star Wars Stormtrooper T-shirt

19th March 2008

Chunk Star Wars Stormtrooper Empire T.V White T-shirt I think I’ve already professed my love for Star Wars tshirts remixed into new renditions of a more Earthly nature. Here’s another one to add to the canon.

On first glimpse it looks like a stormtrooper is expressing his trooper-on-trooper man love with a rainbow helmet but on closer inspection I think it’s a mixed reference to ‘The Outer Limits’ and ‘1984’ – I could be completely wrong about that though.


This Chunk Star Wars Stormtrooper T-shirt is £25 and shipping is £1.


Urban Retro – a collection of retro, unique and original tshirt designs plus with other clothing and toys. Check it out.

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