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29th July 2008

Devidoll - Ethical Designer Fashion Caterine from Devidoll dropped me an email last week to check out her site.

She can describe it much better than me, so here’s what she said…

I wanted to bring to your attention. We are a young online high-end ethical fashion boutique based out of London. We stock fashion designers from all over the world — selected for edge and stylishness — most of whom are exclusive to us and are debuting in the UK/Europe via DeviDoll. We actively seek out upcoming talent from around the world and in this sense we are ‘incubators’ as well as a boutique.

Every label we choose is ethical in one or another way – fair trade, organic, uses alternative fabric, only from recycled/upcycled materials, promotes women & children’s socio-economic justice and supports traditional handicrafts. It is also a boutique that only stocks things that, in some way, benefit this earth and its people.Our company is fully carbon clear and our exquisite packaging is from recycled materials only.

We are ‘high-end’ in that we are trying to bring ethical fashion not just to those who know and prefer it but also to those who normally go for the latest mainstream fashionable item, be it Gucci or Prada. We are proud of being so ethical, so fashionable. DeviDoll is as much about aspirational style as about sustainable and responsible living.

Here’s all their men’s stuff, not a huge range but nonetheless, what is there is very good. My favourite item is the orange polo shirt by a label called ‘Panda Snacks’ because it’s made out of bamboo. Just don’t wear it into the panda enclosure cause those lazy panda’s might stop watching their panda porn and eat your shirt.

The Button Cardigan is top notch too.

The website is really nicely designed, easy to use and mainly features women’s items so if you’re stuck for something for the better half and want to impress her with some ethical fashion as well as treating yourself to a polo shirt, then you can’t go far wrong at Devidoll.

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  1. men's t-shirts Says:
    April 18th, 2010  

    If that’s not a summer colour, then I’d like to see what is!

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