Fila Team Half Zip Fleece – Cream

22nd April 2008

Fila Team Half Zip Fleece - Cream Let’s go old school again with this Fila fleece top. Like Sergio Tacchini, Lotto and Ellesse, Fila is part of that golden age from the 80’s when all these strange brands came out of Tennis and started to enter into the fashion stakes.

20 years later, mass production and over-saturation has nearly spoiled the mythical sheen with Chavs wearing cheap items that frankly don’t look very good either. This fleece top is nice though, let’s hope there’s not many around and that they aren’t sold in Asda.

This Fila Team Half Zip Fleece is £60. Shipping is £4.


Subside Sports is a big online sports retailer with mainly football related stuff from kits to equipment from loads of brands, also has a good range of leisure gear too.

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