Fly53 Men’s Kyoto V-neck Knit

29th September 2008

Fly53 Men's Kyoto V-neck Knit Here’s a tasty black jumper with eye-catching yellow collar and cuffs like some Toyah Wilcox throwback from the early 80’s.

The site says it’s a ‘Mid-weight 12 Gauge’ which sounds pretty dangerous, so be careful when wearing this thing. Check the safety catch is on first.

Available in small, medium, large and extra large.

This Fly53 Men’s Kyoto V-neck Knit is now £40. Shipping is £3.50.


Big Bad Buffalo is an online store with urban and skate style brands such as Fenchurch, Fly53, Dunderdon, Supremebeing and others. Stocks stuff you won’t find in most other places so well worth checking out.

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