Giorgio Armani GA 403 /S Sunglasses

16th May 2008

Giorgio Armani GA 403 /S Sunglasses We’ll end the week with another pair of decently subtle sunglasses that won’t overwhelm your face or other people.

I’m not generally an Armani type person as it always seems to ostentatious for my rather puritanical tastes but these cut the mustard in understatement.

Available in black and also in blue tinted…just like the picture you numbskull!

This pair of Giorgio Armani GA 403 /S Sunglasses are £130 and shipping is a mere £3.


Sunglasses UK – sell a wide range of designer sunglasses and are based in the UK, check out their help section too as they’ve got some good advice about choosing the right sunglasses.

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  1. joey Says:
    May 19th, 2008  

    I want those !

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