Girls! 10 Tips For Men’s Clothes Shopping!

24th November 2008

Girls! 10 Tips For Men's Clothes Shopping! Based on the SmartGeezer research I managed to cobble together some solid tips and advice for the fairer sex incase you’ve run into a stumbling block.

You may think that buying clothes for men is easy and nothing compared to the opposite of men buying for girls, well, you’d be right about the second part but according to our research 55% of men have received ‘some right old crap‘ from girls, so don’t get too smug ladies.

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Geezers are more discerning than you may think.

So here they are, 10 bona fide tips. The obvious things like checking his size, keeping the receipt, checking the returns policy of stores, etc are too obvious for this indepth investigation, so let’s get down to the nitty gritty ladies…

1. Does he want you to buy clothes?

This is the most important tip of all, that’s why it’s number one. If he’s a total fashion addict buying new clothes left, right and centre and is very fussy and OCD about it, then don’t even bother buying him anything unless he has explicitly expressed exactly what he wants. Even then, think twice.

If you feel that buying clothes is a minefield then trust that women’s intuition of yours and venture into another hemisphere of gift giving. Here are some links to help you;

Boys Stuff – Gifts
Presents For Men – Gifts
Mankind – Grooming products
Menkind – Gifts
Thanks Darling! – Experiences
Firebox – Gadgets
Red Letter Days – Experiences
Flightline – Holidays and short breaks
Radical Travel – Unique and fun holidays
Play – CD’s, DVD’s, Books, Gadgets and more
Seatwave – Music, sports and theatre tickets
Treat Him – Gifts for geezers
The Gentlemans Shop – Gifts and grooming stuff
Exhilaration – Experiences
LoveFilm – DVD rental via post

2. No surprises.

This is number two because it’s the second most important piece of info here. If you just read these two then you’ll probably be OK.

Our research shows men like to receive gifts but don’t like a totally new look forced upon them. This means you need to do some research of your own. What brands does he already own? What colours does he wear? What styles does he like? Stick to them.

If he doesn’t have an ounce of green in his wardrobe then that means he doesn’t like green which means you don’t buy anything that is green. Simple.

He has Adidas and Puma polo shirts and trainers but no Reebok? Then steer clear of Reebok.

Don’t be afraid of replicating an item he already has, if he likes something then feel free to get exactly the same item in another colour. You know it fits, you know he likes the cut and the style, all you have to do is change the colour.

3. Accessorise.

Yeah, giving a geezer a pair of socks for Christmas is something Auntie Mildred might do but you can step away from that by being a bit more creative and sexy than some crappy old socks. 60% of geezers in our survey said receiving accessory items was OK.

Geezers are crap at buying boxers, socks, belts, scarves, bags, etc. What does he have that is looking old? What could do with freshening up? What is he missing?

Accessories can jazz up existing items and are also less of a sizing nightmare than shirts or trousers.

Granted, giving him a 4 pack of boxers as his only Christmas present is not going to be his highlight but anything useful and needed is always a good thing in our book. Plus you get to look at him in nice, new, clean boxers that you bought…not the old pants his mum bought decades ago.

Underwear Stores – 6 Types Of Men’s Bags – Sock Rules

4. Fill in the blanks.

There are a few essentials that every geezer should have in his wardrobe, if he’s missing any then this is a good place to start for you. – 10 Fashion Items Every Man Should Own – Classic Items Every Man Should Own – 5 Shoes Every Guy Should Own

There’s also more tips and advice for what men should and shouldn’t wear here at Dumbgeezers.

5. Moulding by Stealth

Any obvious tactics to change your geezer are going to be met with “I’m going down the pub”. The male ego is so big that it see’s all and yet it’s so cumbersome that it’s inflexibility to see subtlety is its weakness.

If he wears something you hate then buying a present is your opportunity to ‘replace’ it by stealth and therefore mould him into a better reflection of what you want the rest of the world to think of you.

O’yeah, this thing goes that deep my darling!

To budge something out of his wardrobe, you need to replace it, inorder to do that it needs to be replaced by a younger, better model. Buy something similar; spend more on it, make sure it’s better, comment that someone he likes wears it, say he looks better in it, get your friends to tell him he looks better in it. Before long that old piece you hated will be relegated to the Vauxhall Conference section of his wardrobe.

This approach helps you but may be more expensive than you were originally planning.

6. Clues in the muse

So the problem is that you don’t know what to buy him, right? You know he’s up for getting some clothes, you know he needs them but have no clue about what to get.

You need to find a ‘style muse’ for your boyfriend. Flick through one of your gossip mags and see what celeb he looks like…no matter how vague…and see what they are wearing. Make a mental note of colours, styles and brands they are wearing.

Check out your geezers mates and peers, what are they wearing that you like?

Pick people that he likes, responds to, respects and take notes. You could try some secret moves such as commenting on “That new Razorlight album is alright, isn’t it?”. If he responds with “Bunch of poncy tossers, my princess”. Then Johnny Burrell is not your style muse.

7. Spread the risk

Just like all those experienced bankers who do such a good job of spreading risk – don’t just get clothes for your geezer.

Two reasons; first, he’ll think you’re trying to totally change the way he dresses and develop a complex. Not good.

Second, if you find out buying clothes for him is not your strong point then at least you’ll have other things to fall back on. “I’m sorry Dave, I should’ve known you’d never wear a white suit but I got you a Portsmouth season ticket too!”

“I’m a Saints fan my little treasure.”

8. Vouchers/Gift Cards – The gift of shopping!

You may cringe at the thought of getting vouchers but do not be afraid. Over half (52%) of geezers surveyed thought that vouchers were OK. Like accessories, they shouldn’t be the main present but buying the gift of shopping is the gift that keeps on giving…until all the vouchers are spent, of course.

9. Made to Measure Shirts

Marks and Spencers have an online bit where you can make a personalised shirt (the link is at the bottom of the left hand menu: Shop by Service – Made to Measure Shirts), all you need is your geezers height, weight and collar size. All these are fairly easy to get, then you’re off designing your very own shirt for him, a little more personal than buying something off the shelf. – Tips For Choosing A Button-Down Shirt

10. The 10 Best Men’s Clothing Websites!

OK, after all that, you’re ready for the moneyshot. Here are my 10 favourite websites selling menswear items. Use this as your base to see what’s out there;

1 – Dress For Less (designer)
2 – Kurt Geiger (shoes)
3 – Mainline Menswear (designer) – Gift Cards available
4 – Sarah Coggles (designer)
5 – Oki-Ni (designer) – Gift Cards available
6 – Republic (designer) – Gift Cards available
7 – Savile Row (shirts/suits)
8 – Schuh (shoes) – Gift Cards available
9 – Stand Out (designer)
10 – USC (designer)

If you need more then check out the full list of UK stores here – UK Menswear Online Fashion Stores.

Bonus Tip!

If after all this it still goes tits up, then never fear. You checked that the website/shop does returns and still have the receipt, right?

Well, geezers don’t do returns. We can’t be bothered, it’s girly, it involves queuing and talking to staff or packing stuff up and going down the post office to return online orders – it’s just way too much of a hassle.

To mitigate this unholy nightmare, you can provide a source of calm and light on proceedings. You’ve bought something, he doesn’t like it, so to fix it you both go into town and try something else, he picks something and as soon as that is done, you say “Go down the pub dear, I’ll sort this out and meet you there later.”

All he’ll hear are angels singing and a heavenly light eminating from behind you, all memories of a rubbish Christmas present disappear under the reality of having a top bird!

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  8. Anonymous Says:
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    why mens always accuse womens who are not doing something wrong and the ones who are doing it always get away with it infect they are the trusted in the whole world

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    This is a really good article also

    are really good for mens fashion! i used it when looking for my boyfriends birthday present they also have free delivery on orders over £50!!

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    Geez, credit where credit’s due that is one top class blog post!

    Top work :)

  13. FashionCatalog Says:
    August 27th, 2011  

    nice post, as a man i hate people buying me clothes as there is always that chance it will be something you don’t like (and would be rude not to wear it) , so always get a gift receipt if possible, vouchers are a good option or as you have stated , if there is something specific the male person has mentioned then you should be fine :)

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