Gouldy’s Tshirt Comp – We Have A Winner!

4th August 2008

Competition: WIN a Gouldy's Tshirt! After having a long lie-in to recover from the night before, I went through the comments, the SmartGeezer Facebook group and the emails to put everyone’s name in the hat…well, it was an empty coffee mug.

I gave it a good shake, shut my eyes and drew out Lawrence!

I sent the young fella an email letting him know of the ecstatic news that he’d just won a tshirt from Gouldy’s and he replied with a simple but succinct, “quality mate!”.

Lawrence took full advantage of the bonus round by sending me an email with the answer to the question, so he had two names in the mug.

So Gouldy’s is going to send Lawrence one of these blue tshirts and let me tell you, there won’t be any disappointment, it’s a very good little runner.

Thanks to everyone that entered, I’ll try and get another competition up sooner rather than later.

Remember to check out www.gouldys.co.uk kids!

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