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27th November 2008

Nicole from Griffin dropped me an email last week letting me know about the store and the latest collaboration between them and Berghaus, the outdoor clothing and equipment specialists.

Griffin produce their own clothing but they also have some collaborations going with some big names like Kickers, Mackintosh and Berghaus. Adding their own design flare to existing items. Seems to be a popular approach with Adidas teaming up with Goodyear, Alexander McQueen and Stella McCartney, Puma with Ferrari – I think it’s called ‘synergy’ in the boardroom.

The Berghaus jackets look great. Coincidently enough, my first Saturday job was in an outdoor shop and these jackets are top quality but they can be a bit dull and look the same as each other. Griffin has made technically great jackets, look great too.

My favourite one is the one in the picture, a Berghaus X Griffin Half Dome Jacket, also available in camouflage too. Unfortunately both of these are sold out. There’s an Elysian jacket which is top notch too.

These jackets are around £300 but Nicole has sent us smartgeezers a little sweetner for everyone during these credit crunching times, an exclusive 20% off voucher just enter the code – SMARTGEEZER – at checkout and your bank account will breathe a little easier. This ends on 8th December 2008.

Griffin has a really good range of great looking outdoor gear for the more descerning hiker.

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