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6th November 2008

I’ve been having some computer issues lately so I’ve had to leave the finely tuned Smartgeezer website out on the wild plains of the intrawebs on its own. It’s OK, Daddy’s back.

Anyway, we’re back to normal service and let’s kick off with an independent tshirt store.

Amy from Honcho-SFX emails me about her deisgner tshirt store. The home page greets you with a couple of smoking hot birds modelling some tshirts, so far so good.

They’ve got some other items such as hoodies and hats but the majority of the stock are tshirts. You got them divided by films, music, cult plus there are some other general funny ones. The ‘Jesus Loves This Guy’ tickled my fancy for some reason.

I’ve picked out the Star Wars one as my favourite as it’s from the best film of the sextuplet and has one of the best machines too. Who wouldn’t want a laser based destroying machine that looks like a dog?

Free delivery for all UK orders, good range of designs, pretty painless checkout procedure, easy to navigate website, good product images – I think that checks all the boxes for a great little clothing website.

So thanks Amy for the email and everyone else check out Honcho-SFX quick sharp.

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