Last Chance to Shop!

22nd December 2008

Last Chance to Shop! So this is it, today is basically the last chance you have getting any shopping done for Christmas. You could wait for tomorrow and go for next day post, but you’d be a braver man than me.

There’s also some early sales starting already so you can take advantage of the recession ravaged retail sector…that’s if you’ve still got a job yourself. Here’s a taster;

Republic »

Kitbag »

Bagga Menswear »

All Saints »

That’s me done for Christmas, I’m giving myself the rest of the week off as I’m still in shock that my car died and I need to buy a new friggin engine for it. Happy bloody Christmas everybody!

Remember, you also got a chance to win a couple of Amplified Clothing tshirts, just enter the competition.

O’yeah, I also set up a Twitter account which will inform you of new blog posts and any other stuff, so follow it –

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