“LIFE IS SACRED” Katharine Hamnett Organic Tshirt

16th July 2008

LIFE IS SACRED Katharine Hamnett Organic Tshirt This tshirt is part of Grazia magazines ‘Lives Not Knives’ campaign…apparently. I think Grazia is one of those TV listing magazines full of Big Brother and stuff.

Anyway, all profits from this tshirt go to the Ben Kinsella Fund which goes towards combating knife crime. So if you like the look of it, then get a piece. If you don’t, buy it for someone else.

It’s designed by Katharine Hamnett, some kind of ex-Big Brother contestant or something.

This “LIFE IS SACRED” Katharine Hamnett Organic Tshirt is £36 and shipping is £6. BUY

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