Location Clothing Storm Trooper Visor Jacket

31st December 2008

Location Clothing Storm Trooper Visor Jacket Location Clothing sent me this Storm Trooper jacket with visor a few days ago and I’ll tell you something…I’m glad the weather’s cold and my car’s knackered, because I can wear this thing everywhere.

First off, the basics. This is a top notch ski/snow/outdoor jacket, whatever you want to call it. Light, breathable, fasteners to keep out the wind, holes to let your body breathe, you can see more of the technical stuff here – Location Clothing. It also has the regular 2 side pockets, 2 inside pockets, an arm pocket and an inside pocket near the waist where you could store the goggles/visor.

OK, enough with the basics, what makes this thing better than all the other good winter jackets?

Just take a look at the thing! It’s wicked. Not only is it called a ‘Storm Trooper’ jacket but you look like some kind of nefarious droid from an evil empire looking to suck out brains. If you wear this in town, you can go up to old people and say “Take me to your leader!”.

There’s a multitude of additions here that’ll have you salivating all over the waterproof material; the padded visor is great, there’s a balaclava hidden in the neck which you can take out and slip over your head, so you can attach it (as in the photo) and cold-wind-blasting-into-your-face becomes the thing of myth and legend.

The beauty of this jacket is the sheer variety of it. One minute it’s your basic all black jacket you wear down the pub on a cold Janury night, then the next it’s a fully operational snowboarding jacket protecting you from the vigors of freezing temperatures and mountain winds.

The Storm Trooper jacket is £90. They are on the large size, so if you’re a large then go for a medium, that’s what I did and it’s fine. Use the code – 89921 – and get 10% off.


This is a really great jacket and I can see you want one too…

…do you?…

Well, tune in tomorrow because Location Clothing are giving away a jacket on this very blog. Let’s kick off 2009 with a wicked comp!

Until then, check out the Location Clothing to see what other jackets they’ve got and let us know your favourite in the comments below. They also have hats, weatherproof trousers, gloves and other stuff too.

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  1. Smike Says:
    January 1st, 2009  

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  2. not tellin u Says:
    January 31st, 2009  

    i have a coat umbro eney one 1a buy it for 100

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