Puma V1.08 Miscella White Trainers

27th October 2008

Puma V1.08 Miscella White Trainers This week Branch309, a discount shoe website, have sent in a pair of Puma V1.08 Miscella white trainers.

Nice modern looking pair of trainers with a very stylised shape which probably makes you run faster. The sole has small studs so I thought they were football trainers, like astroturf or indoor ones but the blurb on the Branch309 site says they are indeed normal fashion trainers. But, you could use these for indoor/astroturf football if you really wanted.


The lacing on the side is strangely comfortable as well as the whole trainer being really cushioned and comfortable.

Available in sizes from 6 to 13 and also in Black.

This pair of Puma V1.08 Miscella White Trainers are £35 reduced from £60. UK shipping is £5.

Branch309 has loads of great deals on trainers and shoes.

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  1. trev Says:
    March 28th, 2009  

    ok site but mainly older clearance product. try http://www.street-feet.com for a huge range of Puma trainers along with adidas,converse etc

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