Rayban RB4075 Sunglasses

12th May 2008

Rayban RB4075 Sunglasses The summer’s here…touch wood…so first things first, protect your eyes and look the dog’s bollocks with a pair of sunglasses.

Be careful, sunglasses can be a treacherous area where you can get it badly wrong and look like a complete tool.

Too much extravagant eye furniture can deem you a total knobface. For an example, check these monstrosities out – Police S8007S – they’ll make your eyes want to abort themselves.

This pair of Rayban’s are suitably restrained in brown to keep your eyes and face cool without going overboard on the dick factor.

This pair of sweet Rayban RB4075 Sunglasses are £80 with FREE next day delivery.


D&A Sunglasses – is a store that sells designer sunglasses, simple innit.

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  1. Designer Sunglasses Says:
    September 2nd, 2008  

    These are cool ukdesignerglasses.com, and at a reasonable price. I like the idea of calming the styles down, it seems that the louder or bigger the sunglasses the better – so bravo!

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