Red Square Clothing

7th May 2008

Red Square Clothing - Online Designer Clothing Store – is a men’s clothing shop in Middlesborough that’s being going for a quite a few years.

They sent an email asking for some linkage so here it is, along with a little review as not enough independent shops contact us. They got an ecommerce site too so the rest of us non-Middlesboroughonians can get ourselves some of the action.

They got loads of designer labels, mainly the urban type (is that the right term? It sounds a bit wanky doesn’t it.) like Carhatt, Artful Dodger, One Tue Saxon plus some of the 80 retro styles that always get some loving on here; Lacoste and Sergio Tacchini.

Loads of items, easy to use shopping cart, items list stock availability which is always a nice touch, good prices and if you spend over £50 shipping is FREE and next day. Can’t say fairer than that can you? – so there’s the link, get yourself down there and have a browse, that report for Kevin in Accounting can wait until tomorrow. Kevin’s a twat anyway.

If there are any other independent clothing stores that want to get some SmartGeezer attention, then just contact us, bribery is highly encouraged.

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