Replay Beige Leather Trainers

22nd February 2008

Replay Beige Leather Trainers Here’s an alternative to the white trainer/black shoes monopoly. Something a little different to your brown brogues and your red Converse.

These Replay shoes would go well with blue jeans or brown cords, something casual but should get you through the ‘No Trainers’ barrier erected by bouncers….sorry, Executive Door Staff or whatever they call themselves nowadays. Power hungry, numbskulls. I digress…

These are very lovely shoes, yes.

This pair of Replay Beige Leather Trainers are £50. Shipping is £6.


YOOX is a huge purveyor of top quality brands. There’s so much here you’ll never be able to look through it all during one day of work, so you’ll have to skive the whole week off. Luckily they have a favourites (Dreambox) for to you store stuff for when you get paid.

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