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18th September 2008

Roktic I don’t know if you’ve noticed this week but I’ve been extremely slack. I felt like taking a week off out of sheer laziness.

Then Joe from Roktic emails me and says check out my clothing site. So I do and he brings me a nice easy excuse to pull my finger out and post something this week. I’ll get back to normal next week.

Roktic sells streetwear tshirts, hoodies and bags all with that retro 80’s feel to it. My favourite tshirt is the one I’ve stuck in the photo on the left here. Not a huge range like other stores but a good quality range nonetheless. All smaller, lesser known brands so it’s all original stuff here, none of your major brand nonsense.

Easy to use simple site and good photos, I think a good addition would be a good size chart especially as these are small brands who may size their stock differently to each other and to the major brands who may use to pick your size. There’s free shipping for September and they do returns, so it’s not a turn off, just a nice addtion.

Overall, Roktic is a good site with some great items you’re not going to find anywhere else, well worth a visit. Thanks for the email Joe.

I’m going to hibernate for the rest of the week now.

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