Sales Galore!

27th December 2008

Sales Galore! The western world’s financial system is in turmoil, banks nationalised, businesses on their knees whilst hard working citizens watch their bills go up and directors of the aforementioned banks still rake in a bonus that would make even Ashley Cole blush.

The solution? Go clothes shopping my stamped upon proletariat friend. If you can’t look good whilst the Capitalist mammoth crushes your skull with it’s limited edition McQueen Dr. Martins, then when can you?

These are Darwinian economics, vote with your credit limit. Those stores left to die can join Woolworths in the great High Street in the sky…and good ridance to them. The loyal consumer is dead, long live the frugal consumer!

Republic » – up to 75% off.

Kitbag » – up to 70% off.

Bagga Menswear » – up to 50% off.

All Saints » – up to 75% off.

Mainline Menswear » – up to 70% off.

Oki-Ni » – up to 40% off.

JD Sports » – up to 50% off.

Kurt Geiger » – up to 50% off.

Blue Inc » – up to 70% off.

Extreme Pie » – up to 50% off.

French Connection » – up to 60% off.

House of Fraser » – up to 70% off.

Jones Bootmaker » – up to 45% off.

Milan Clothing » – up to 50% off.

Schuh » – up to 50% off.

Stand Out » – up to 50% off.

USC » – up to 50% off.

Urban Outfitters » – up to 50% off.

YOOX » – up to 50% off.

That’ll do you for now. If you need anymore men’s clothing websites to look at then check out the SmartGeezeer list of UK Menswear Online Fashion Stores.

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Banter » Sales Galore!
  1. Merago Says:
    December 30th, 2008  

    Good work fella. Lot’s of stores close to going to the wall, or already there and, while that’s never a good thing, it does mean there are bargains to be had.
    I see USC announced yesterday that they’ve gone in to administration too. The next few months could be interesting for consumers.

  2. SmartGeezer Says:
    December 30th, 2008  

    USC are still taking orders online, so get stuck in…or wait until they’re having a ‘fire sale’ and grab a bargain.

  3. John Lochrie Says:
    January 7th, 2009  

    Nice Post….keep it up !!!! Good job

    John Lochrie

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