Savile Row Shirt Sale

24th September 2008

Savile Row Shirt Sale Shirts are necessary for some jobs and not particularly exciting because it’s for work, innit? Get a job lot of 4 for £65 at Savile Row.

For 7 days only all Savile Row men’s shirts are reduced to £17 (saving £3 on the website price) or ‘buy 4 shirts for £65′ (saving £10 on website price). Enter code – AWLINE – expires 27th September 2008. BUY

Savile Row – is a really great clothing site with many stylish shirts and top notch suits. If you’re currently lagging behind in the shirt stakes and need to top off your wardobe with some new ones then today is the day.

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  1. James Holms Says:
    May 12th, 2010  

    Shirts from Savile Row are excellent. In the Far East, Malaysia, I was able to purchase custom made shirts at comparatively affordable prices. Of course, dare not say that they’re as good as those made in Savile Row. But they were better than average.

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