Shofolk Louis Shoe

4th March 2008

Shofolk Louis Shoe Got a bit lazy yesterday so here’s a sweet pair of pimp slippers which more than make up for it.

I don’t know if I’m getting ‘Imeldamarcusitis’ but I seem to be developing some kind of shoe fetish. I’m bored of white trainers and brown shoes. Give me suede, velvet slip-ons over a pair of autumn brogues any day of the week.

I think I’d skip the rest of the pimp couture clothing line as these would go with a quality pair of blue jeans or light trousers.

A pair of Louis shoes by Shofolk are exclusively available from Oki-Ni for £100 plus £6 shipping.


Oki-Ni is a great online store to check out when you’re flush and wanting to jazz up your tired looking self with some smart items.

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