Sol Cal Linen Shorts

8th May 2008

Sol Cal Linen Shorts The nice weather is approaching, you can’t wear jeans or trousers all day so this is where we get to the tricky subject of shorts.

It really is best to keep it simple if you haven’t got tanned footballer legs. If you’re currently sporting spindly little pins like cotton wool ear buds then at least have the decency to wear a tame pair of shorts so as to divert attention away from your lower half.

This pair of plain white, unfussy shorts are just the trick. Long enough to cover up the top half of your Tippex coated limbs, stylish enough to look alright and plain enough to not encourage pointing.

Over 30’s also have to be wary of not dressing their age in a pair of luminous surf shorts with patterns that would make a sailor sick, act your age not your mortgage’s interest rate.

The biggest ‘short crime’ of all, as we all know, is a pair of undersized, tight Phil Mitchell cut-off denims. But I don’t need to tell you that do I.

This pair of Sol Cal Linen Shorts are £20 and shipping is £4.


Republic really nice store with many urban brands such as Bench, Crafted, G-Star, Drunknmunky and more.

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