Tommy Hilfiger Corduroy Sports Jacket

1st October 2008

Tommy Hilfiger Corduroy Sports Jacket If you don’t already own a casual sports jacket like this then you need to seriously consider getting one cause they’re pretty versatile. I’ve got a lighter brown one but if I wasn’t skinter than a Chav during a ‘Buy 2 pairs of white Reebok trainers and get a Burberry cap for free’ sale down at Lidl, then I would.

“But I’ll look like Jeremy Clarkson!” – there is that danger, so heed these words of advice; wear a tshirt or jumper underneath preferably with bright colours, avoid a dull looking cheap shirt, avoid chunky shoes, stick on some trainers, avoid a crappy half-perm/half-unkempt haircut, wear quality jeans, don’t touch your manstick when talking about the Bugatti Veyron.

This Tommy Hilfiger Corduroy Sports Jacket is £85. Shipping is FREE.


Dress For Less is a great place to go when you’ve got money to burn and just want to browse through a wide selection of stuff. Everything is discounted so you can spend to your hearts content…almost.

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  1. Martin York Says:
    June 22nd, 2009  

    Could you please let me know whether the Tommy Hilfiger Corduroy Sports Jacket (£85) comes in UK size 42 Long; and whether it has two vents, or one at the back. Also what colours does it come in.

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