TST Footwear by Seishi Tanaka

6th February 2008

TST Footwear by Seishi Tanaka After a week off from SmartGeezer checking out some other stuff to add to the site, I thought I’d come back and dangle these suckers in front of you to drool over.

I really like these. Apparently the designer Seishi Tanaka, draws the design by hand and then they produce the shoe from those hand drawings, there’s no tidying up or finishing process. Great stuff. It’s like overly produced music, it sounds shit when it’s too ‘clean’.

These aren’t available until March but you can preorder them if you fancy a slice of this action.

A pair of trainers from TST Footwear is £99 plus £6 shipping.


Oki-Ni is a great online store to check out when you’re flush and wanting to jazz up your tired looking self with some smart items.

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