Ask SmartGeezer: Where can I get an Ellesse polo shirt in the UK?

14th July 2008

Where can I get an Ellesse polo shirt in the UK? Callum contacts SmartGeezer and poses a challenge:

Where can I get an Ellesse polo shirt in the UK, that aint from a tennis website?

Oooo! That’s proved to be a bitch of a question, cause there ain’t a ton of Ellesse polo shirts to find online in this neck of the woods. I’ve sent my intraweb slaves…I mean, elves out on the hunt all weekend to find such items for your enjoyment, informing them that every Ellesse polo shirt they find entitles them to half a slice of toast and a shot of water…as a group. Granted, they don’t eat much but they had to find at least 10 polo shirts to survive the weekend.

Did they do it? Find out below:

Top Brands Direct – Ellesse Men’s Rosata Polo Shirt in Navy, £16.

Catwalk Fashion UK – Men’s Ellesse Pink Polo shirt, £14.

Jags UK – Ellesse Speedy Polo available in White, Yellow or Red, £7.

Wirral Sports – Ellesse Mylazzo Polo Navy/White and White/Navy, £35.

All Star Collectibles – Ellesse Men’s Nittis Polo, £30.

eBay – there’s currently 15 matches to a search for Ellesse men’s polo shirts ranging from £5 to £35.

Well, it’s pretty slim pickings out there for a Men’s Ellesse polo shirt, especially if you take tennis sites out of the reckoning. My internet elves have been severly reprimanded for not coming up with a more varied selection but maybe it’s not completely their fault, who cares, I like reprimanding them in the shower complex.

You could broaden your horizons by searching on US sites. Here’s one I found on – 6pm – just remember that it’s a bit extra hassle buying from the US, I did an immensely handsome post about it previously, ‘Is it worth buying stuff from the USA?‘.

Let us know if any of these tickled your fancy by posting a comment below. Cheers and thanks for the question.

* Apologies for the probable abortionate Italian, it’s Babelfish’s fault, not mine.

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Banter » Ask SmartGeezer: Where can I get an Ellesse polo shirt in the UK?
  1. Callum Says:
    July 14th, 2008  

    Cheers mate, I didn't fancy the tennis ones as they all looked a bit too sporty. Seen the Jags one before, but for some reason when I go to buy my computer comes up and blabbers on about the lack of security certificate. Also considered the states like you suggested but not sure I can deal with the hassle, thanks for your help theres a few I am going to have a closer look at.

  2. darren abbott Says:
    September 19th, 2010  

    looking for ellesse men clothing sz 3xl

  3. Alex Says:
    March 16th, 2011  


    Found lots on this uk site:



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