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28th January 2009

Let’s get this show back on the road.

After a couple of weeks with a dead computer and no access to update SmartGeezer, I’m glad to inform you that I have a brand spanking new piece of dual core action and I’m ready to give some stuff away.

First on the agenda is a pair of black combat trousers, a white belt and a tshirt from Blue Inc. They kindly sent me some samples and as an apology for my lack of decent computerage, I’m giving it away via the medium of ‘competition time’.

All you have to do is either join the SmartGeezer Facebook group or follow us on Twitter. That’s all. I’ll draw a winner from the list of members next Friday, 6th February. If you’re already signed up to one or both, then don’t worry my little style angel, you’re already in it to win it.

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If you join both then you double your chances!

Blue Inc is a mens clothing site with a loads of casual and street style items at good prices. They’ve got a 70% off sale on at the moment.

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Duck & Cover

Marc Ecko Star Wars Stormtrooper Hoody

9th January 2009

Marc Ecko Star Wars Stormtrooper Hoody This is a mental hoody; on the one hand it’s geeky as hell but on the other it’s quite funny.

The beauty is that the front will protect your face from a cold winter’s breeze plus there’s eye holes so you can actually wear the hood up and closed without falling over, you just might get a few funny looks.

The Marc Ecko Star Wars Stormtrooper Hoody is £60 and the shipping is FREE!


Yukka retailer of designer urban hip hop clothing by Akademiks, ECKO, Ed Hardy, G-Unit, LRG, Phat Farm and more.

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Gola eBoy Hi Top Trainers

8th January 2009

Gola Eboy Hi Top Gola have teamed up with designers eBoy to bring you these wicked trainers with the Berlin skyline decorated throughout.

This maybe the completion of a 180 degree flip for Gola from embarassing council kid trainers in the 80’s to ultra cool urban fashion in the n00ghties.

Available in sizes from 7 to 12.

This pair of Gola Eboy Hi Top trainers are £69 and UK shipping is £3.


Schuh – has a wide range of shoes from many brands including Puma, Camper, Peter Werth, Paul Smith, Diesel, Ben Sherman, Boxfresh, Converse and more.

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Bench Post V-Neck Knit Jumper

7th January 2009

Bench Post V-Neck Knit Jumper I like simple v-neck sweaters with a boldly coloured trim. This jumper by Bench is a nice combo of dark grey and turquoisy/sea green trim.

Looks better than I just described it.

Available in Medium and Large only as the other sizes have sold out in the sale.

This Bench Post V-Neck Knit Jumper is £24, reduced from £40 and shipping is free.


Bench the official site with some exclusive items not found anywhere else. Worth a butchers my son.

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Ask SmartGeezer: Where can I get a rolled sleeve white shirt and tie?

6th January 2009

Ask SmartGeezer: Where can I get a rolled sleeve white shirt and black tie? Matt emailed in and asked this question;

Where can i find rolled sleeve smart white shirt with black tie?

Good question Matt, the SmartGeezer slave elves were sent out on a mission to find such items and came back with a load at Burton. They’ve got a range of white, grey and black shirts with matching white, grey or black ties. A bunch of them are in the sale at only £10 or £12.


The one featured in the photo is £28 as it’s the only one that matched your brief of being white, having rolled sleeves and a black tie. Hope you like it.

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Black Volcom Winward Peacoat Jacket

5th January 2009

Volcom Winward Peacoat Jackets - Black I really like peacoats and this is one the better ones. I like them because I want one and a white roll neck sweater so I can be a submarine commander, but anyway, enough of my childish fantasies…

This is a good length, nice buttons, some pockets and a removable hood. I’m not sure about the chain thing on the shoulder, it’s a bit too ‘What-the-hell-are-Coldplay -wearing-at-the-moment’ for my liking but I’m sure it’s removable with a wire cutter.

This Volcom Winward Peacoat Jackets in Black is £100 and shipping is FREE.

Buy This Item

Surfdome – an online surf/skate/snowboard store with tshirts, shorts, shoes, flip-flops, equipment and more.

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Competition: Win a Location Clothing Storm Trooper Jacket!

1st January 2009

Competition: Win a Location Clothing Storm Trooper Jacket! Let’s get 2009 started shall we!?

Location Clothing are giving away a jacket to one lucky winner. The prize is any jacket of your choosing from the website up to the value of £90. That’s basically 90% of their jackets.

So what madcapped shananigans do you have to perform to win this treat?

Simply answer this outrageously simple question and email the answer to

What UK city are Location Clothing from?

Email entries only count. Posting the answer in the blog comments will get deleted, feel free to say something nice instead though :)

This competition is now over. Congratulations to Kev.

Until then, check out our gracious sponsors online at to see their full range of jackets and outdoor clothing. Take this discount code with you – 89921 – and get 10% off.

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