Vivo Barefoot Root Black Shoe

26th February 2009

Vivo Barefoot Root Black Shoe I like the look of these shoes from Vivo Barefoot; original looking, using recycled materials, velcro fastening and with a thin sole hence the ‘barefoot’ name.

Walking in barefeet is not only how humans have walked for thousands of years but it improves posture, foot muscles and running/walking technique.

Available in sizes from 6 to 12. Order about 1 or 2 sizes up though.

This pair of Vivo Barefoot Root Black Shoes are £74 and shipping is £5.


Terra Plana has a great range of shoes from companies using recycled and planet friendly materials and techniques to clothe your feet.

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Quail: Weekend Black Batik Shirt

25th February 2009

Quail: Weekend Black Batik Shirt Shauna from Quail emailed to let me know about her website which has just started selling some men’s shirts. Not a massive range, only 6, but I like the fact that they are made in the UK and all materials are ethical, organic and fairtraded from abroad.

I like this black shirt. Everyone should have a black shirt and this has the added extra of a ‘Batik‘ fabric lined collar and cuffs. Batik is that patterned material, everyday’s a school day here.

The shirts also go up to size XXXL which is what Geoff Capes wears after Christmas dinner.

This Quail Weekend Black Batik Shirt is £49 and shipping is FREE.


Check out Quail for some more ethically traded, British made men’s shirts and maybe something for the other half. Very nice new website too.

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Ask SmartGeezer: Black tshirt from Adidas advert

24th February 2009

Ask SmartGeezer: Black tshirt from Adidas advert Got this email from Gary…

Hi Smartgeezer…i have seen the new adidas commercial (the one with beckham, missy elliot, nastase, run dmc etc) and darryl macdaniels (of run DMC) has a black t-shirt with very large trefoil on…where can i get one?

I found this one which isn’t the exact same one but it’s a close sibling.

This Adidas Originals trefoil short-sleeved tshirt is £19. Delivery is £4.


La Redoute – is one of those catalogue sites with loads of clothes for men and women. They have a good selection of men’s stuff wiht brand names, own brands and not so well known brands but it all looks pretty good.

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Win a Shot Dead In The Head Football Stadium Tshirt

23rd February 2009

Football Stadium Tshirt Shot Dead In The Head got in contact to tell us about their new football stadium range of tshirts. Great for football fans and they’ve got a good range so most of the top teams are featured. They also said they’ve got one to give away in exchange for a brain teaser, here it is;

Which is the only Shot Dead In The Head stadium tshirt to feature a river?

You can find the answer on this page of the Shot Dead In The Head website.

Competition has ended, congrats to Paul.

Check out our gracious sponsors online at to see their full range of tshirts.

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Mishumo Polo Shirt

20th February 2009

Mishumo Polo Shirt I’m not into 70’s curtains or have any special affinity with Chinese iconography or calligraphy but this polo shirt does it for me. I just really like the colours and the pattern, that’s all.

If this pattern was in the Tate Modern on canvas you’d have to pay £50 million for it, so grab this bargain on cotton while you can.

This Mishumo Polo Shirt is £30 and shipping is £4.


Dress For Less is a great place to go when you’ve got money to burn and just want to browse through a wide selection of stuff.

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Pointer Debaser White Shoes

19th February 2009

Pointer Debaser White Shoes White shoes are a bit of a risky financial decision but then again white trainers are a no-brainer. These seem to bridge the gap as they’re white, granted, but they look casual enough to not be strictly classified as actual proper shoes.

Dya get me?

Just like Circle K they’re available from 7 to 11.

This pair of Pointer Debaser White Shoes are £59 and shipping is £3.


Stand-Out – a specialist men’s retailer with loads of items from brands such as Drunknmunky, Religion, Supreme Being, Two Stoned and many more. FREE shipping if you spend over £60.

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Urban-Male: Men’s Cufflinks and Jewellery

18th February 2009

Urban-Male: Men's Cufflinks and Jewellery Stuart from Urban Male got in contact to let me know about his online shop and the range of exclusive men’s jewellery they have.

They sent through a pair of cufflinks to check out and here they are in the photo, a very nice pair of stainless steel cufflinks with a great, simple pattern which can go with any coloured shirt. They’ve got a good range of cufflinks, you can check out the others here.

These cufflinks are £20 and delivery is FREE. Stuart has also set up an exclusive discount code for SmartGeezers to get 20% off, just enter – SG20 – at checkout.

Check out Urban Male for more cufflinks plus bracelets, rings, earrings, chains and more including a ring size guide, metals guide and a newsletter.

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Armani Double Breasted Jacket

17th February 2009

Armani Double Breasted Jacket Not usually into the poxier side of the designer market but this jacket from Armani seems classy and timeless enough to justify the cost.

It’ll stay in style long enough for you to get your money’s worth and it isn’t too garish or overtly poncy with the only Armani logos being subtly embossed on the buttons and one on the hem at the bottom.

Available in medium, large, XL, XXL and XXXL.

This Armani Double Breasted Jacket is £180 and shipping is £4.


Mainline Menswear has a large range of menswear with items from many brands at pretty good prices.

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Ask SmartGeezer: Where can I get a retro Adidas track top?

16th February 2009

Ask SmartGeezer: Where can I get a retro Adidas track top? Robert emailed and asked…

Could you possibly tell me the model name of the jacket the guy on the right in this picture is wearing. Also, where could I purchase one of these? It’s me in the picture with the green jacket and I absolutely loved it, but lost it. It’s an Adidas jacket that I believe has been discontinued but I purchased it at Urban Outfitters in Atlanta, GA, USA, a few years back. Thank you SO much! Any help would be GREAT!

The slave elves were sent out on another mission but failed to find the name of the actual jacket in the photo but did find a bunch of places selling retro adidas track tops.

Adidas Online Shop

Mainline Menswear

Retro Killer Clothing

Natter Jacks

Urban Industry

Vintage Trends

End Clothing

The little pic in the corner is the actual photo Robert sent through so if anyone knows what this one is called and where you can buy it let us know in the comments below.

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Ask SmartGeezer: Where can I get clothes for the smaller geezer?

13th February 2009

Ask SmartGeezer: Where can I get clothes for the smaller geezer? Daryl emailed in and asked this brain teaser…

I find it hard to find clothes in my size that are actually cool – I would be 28 waist and 30 leg for jeans/trousers and about 33-34 inch chest. For instance I love the colother at cult but they’re always slightly too big! Do you know any good sources for the smaller man?

Once again, I sent out the slave elves to search for mens clothing sites selling clothes for the smaller man. I briefed them with any site selling size 28/29 waist trousers, here’s what they came back with.

USC – a good selection of 28/29 jeans.

Burton – a few small ones lying around.

Bench – a few jeans.

Blue Inc – a couple of trousers in 28.

Dress For Less – Some small trousers and small and extra small tops.

La Redoute – No 28’s or 29’s but some 30’s.

M and M Direct – a few 28’s hiding amongst all the 30’s.

YOOX – Good selection with good search functionality to help you find your size.

Koodos – Hunt and ye shall find.

Surf Dome – A handful of 28/29 jeans.

Republic – A fair choice for the waif.

That’s about it, not a bad start for you to dig in and see what’s out there. I wouldn’t worry too much about length as you can get trousers/jeans adjusted quite easily. Check out the returns so you can exchange items if the measurements are abit off. Also, try and beef yourself up to a 30 inch waist and you’ll have a much easier time finding trousers to fit!

Let us know if you bought anything from these stores or anywhere else.

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