Kickers Men’s Klimte Tan Shoe

29th May 2009

Kickers Men's Klimte Tan Shoe A good shoe spanning smart and casual, equally at home with jeans or trousers.

Antique tan leather upper, solid rubber sole, stylish stitching and top quality production which will keep these ‘kicking’ around for ages…did you see what I did there?

Available in sizes 6.5 to 11.

This pair of Kickers Men’s Klimte Tan shoes are £40 reduced from £70. Delivery is £5.


Kickers – the official online store of the Kickers brand with a shed load of styles and models for your plates of meat.

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Duck & Cover

Saviour ‘Antistar’ Cassette T-Shirt

28th May 2009

Saviour ‘Antistar’ Cassette T-Shirt Continuing with the forgotton formats theme, today we feature the humble cassette tape. I don’t miss the fast forwarding and rewinding, or trying to get a tangled mess of tape out of my stereo after trying to eat it.

God bless digital!

Available in sizes medium, large and XL. Also available in white.

This Saviour ‘Antistar’ Cassette T-Shirt is £40 and delivery is £6.


Woodhouse Clothing – a good, wide range of designer clothing for men. Sale items, gift vouchers, good website, detailed images, the works.

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Navy Records Tee 2K by Gingham

27th May 2009

Navy Records Tee 2K by Gingham In celebration of forgotton formats we’ve got a tshirt here showing that ancient of mediums; 7 inch and 12 inch vinyl.

The print is full size so this tshirt also performs well as a measuring device.

Available in sizes small, medium and XL. Large is currently sold out.

This Navy Records Tee 2K by Gingham is £35. Shipping is £6.50.


My Wardrobe has a great range of designer menswear from the upper echelons of mens fashion.

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Chunk Star Wars Stormtrooper Passport Navy Blue T-Shirt

26th May 2009

Chunk Star Wars Stormtrooper Passport Navy Blue T-Shirt If you like Star Wars and tshirts (and who doesn’t?) then this little item should be on your ‘To Do List’.

A stormtrooper trying to take a photo for his Death Star ID badge and Darth Vader is mucking things up. But what can you do, he’d kill you if you told him to bugger off.

This Chunk Star Wars Stormtrooper Passport Navy Blue T-Shirt is £25 and delivery is £2.50.


Urban Retro – a collection of retro, unique and original tshirt designs plus with other clothing and toys. Check it out.

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Ikitabi Ninja Slippers

25th May 2009

Ikitabi Ninja Slippers What can I say about these…THEY’RE BLOODY NINJA SLIPPERS!!!!

They’ve got a thick rubber sole so you can wear them outside.

Available in sizes 5 to 12. Also available in red, black and brown.

These Ikitabi Ninja Slippers are £69 and delivery is £6.


Oki-Ni is a great online mens clothing store with loads of designer brands such as Fred Perry, Lost Souls, Evisu, Twelve Bar, Silas, Diesel, Miu Miu, Lacoste and many more.

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Firetrap Solder Wax Jacket

22nd May 2009

Firetrap Solder Wax Jacket Here’s a pretty swish little number by Firetrap. I like the curved buttons going up the front, the belted collar and the numerous pockets – you’ll never find your mobile again.

It says this is Battle Green but it looks grey to me. It’s also available in Black…which actually looks black.

Available in sizes from small to XL.

This Firetrap Solder Wax Jacket is £100 and shipping is £5.


Firetrap – a good range of items from this designer brand.

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Adidas Beige & Navy Summer Deck Shoes

21st May 2009

Adidas Beige & Navy Summer Deck Shoes I’m not sure if I’m turning slightly poncy but deck shoes would not normally grab my attention but then again, I suppose if Adidas came out with Polo shoes or a Croquet jacket range then I’d probably take a look.

The saving grace is that they don’t have that crappy horizontal lace thing that goes along the side, so they look fairly normal.

Available in sizes from 7 to 12.

This pair of Adidas Beige & Navy Summer Deck shoes are £50 and UK shipping is £2.


ASOS – has a wide range of shoes from many brands including Puma, Camper, Peter Werth, Paul Smith, Diesel and more.

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Kill Your Television T-shirt

20th May 2009

Kill Your Television T-shirt Duncan from Ban T-shirts emailed in to spread the word about his online tshirt store. He also greased my palm with this tasty looking ‘Kill Your Television’ tshirt.

Love this design, printed on an American Apparel tshirt which is a great fit, quite light and also made in sweat-shop free Americana.

This Kill Your Television T-shirt is $17.50 and shipping is $10. The SmartGeezer elves have converted all that into £18 of your English pounds.


Ban T-shirts – has a large range of similar themed designs; anti-religious, political, anti-war and others.

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Blue ‘Do What You Want’ Twisted Soul Bag

19th May 2009

Blue Do What You Want Twisted Soul Bag Blue Inc sent in some new stock to review. The third item up is this bag.

A simple bag with a shoulder strap, main compartment, two little side pockets and a name plate window so your mum can put your name and address on it.

There’s also some similar Twisted Soul bags available on the site.

This Blue ‘Do What You Want’ Twisted Soul Bag is £15. Shipping is £4.


Blue Inc a full range of mens clothing. Take this discount code with you – SMARTGEEZER – and get 10% off (ends 31/12/09).

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Competition: Win £100 worth of Aertex Clothes!

18th May 2009

Competition: Win £100 worth of Aertex Clothes! Aertex are giving away over £100 worth of clothes to one lucky winner.

The winner will get to choose the colours and sizes of the three items shown in the image;
1. Aertex Omet polo shirt (£40)
2. Cain t-shirt (£27.50)
3. Kasey polo shirt (£40)

To win this swag of stylish bounty all you have to do is answer this question – What year was Aertex established?

Visit Aertex »

Competition ended.

NB. All entries will have their email address added to the Aertex newsletter. You can always unsubscribe when you receive the first one if you don’t want it anymore.

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